LOVE LIFE- Beautify mommy~

Author: Theresa /

Last night i get to help my mom to colored her hair. She was actually doing herself at first, then she can't reach the back part, so she asked me to help her. When she ask for help, i was actually getting ready to go out with my sister so i told her i can't help her much. Not long after that, the plan was cancelled so i get to help my mom after all. She don't really like the color, she thinks the brown is too light, she prefer dark brown but at the end she's ok with it.

I have to say, sometimes, we don't see this little things that we do is something.Or we refuse to do things like that because of our own agenda that actually is not that important. This little coloring hair for my mom is perhaps something quite fun and because it's only between mom and i, it brings us closer to each other, it makes us talk more and spend more personal time with each other.

Little things matters because it brings deeper relationship. Love life.

Shopping love!

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So last night i decided to bring a shopaholic to, shopping! Almost everyday he ask to go shopping and everyone just so busy, have no time to go shopping with him. So we went to a few places and we go for a drink in mamak. He really enjoy himself and my mom and myself too!

Here’s a picture of the shopaholic.

Yeap, he’s the one, my nephew. He really love shopping, but not the buying part of cuase. A happy he was last night. =]

Bring joy to others today in any ways~ =]

Thank you love!

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I started to say thank you to all the wonderful people that serve us no matter in restaurant or anywhere else. Especially towards the wonderful parking ticket counter people. For all this while when i say thank you, they will ignore me and never had they actually return with a "you're welcome" Recently changes happens! When i said thank you towards these people in places that i often go, they return by saying "You're welcome" with a smile on their face! woohoo! That was so nice!

You know, when you choose to show kindness towards others. It's like blessing the nation with showing others your kindness, telling others that there's such a kind person still, a person with love still on this earth. The world is not that hard after all. When they return my thank you, i felt that this nation is changing after all. Felt like God is blessing this nation and this wonderful people.

Bless the nation by showing an act of kindness and love towards people around you. Create a fruitful nation.

Jesus replied: "Love the Lord God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it:Love your neighbor as yourself. -Matthew 22:37-39

Chores of LOVE!

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Last night I brought some biscuit for my sister’s mother in law. When i arrive their place, my sister just got back from her meeting, it was already 9 something at night. She took her shower and have her dinner, i join her for some great dessert by her mom in law. After enjoying ourself, i help her in with some chores so that she can actually take some rest and spend some time with her kids.

As simple as a chore will make a different in other’s life. You will always be a blessing to someone when you help them in their chores! =]

Little things, big heart! LOVE! =]

Love through MSN!

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Thank thank God for MSN and all this wonderful ways you can keep in touch with friends all around the world! A friend of mine had a date with me on MSN she said she wanted to share something with me. She was actually making a really important decision in life. So she shared with me what's her and her partner's struggles, and i get to share with her some stuff that i think will help both of them. So of my testimony and experience. The most important, show them my support.

I have to say, i'm truly blessed the fact that she tells me all that and that she even called me up the next day to tell me how God have answered her prayer. God You're AWESOME! Amazing. Love. I get an opportunity to pray for her and her partner, she cried out to God while i prayed. Seriously, i'm humbled.

Someone today might need your love and encouragement or even just an ear to listen. Chat =]